From the TWAC Duty Officer Report:  After 15 full days on the water, the fleet is steaming towards Antigua and the leading boat (LATITUDE 35 of Team Carlisle Crew in Carlisle’s American Spirit) has exactly 1,500 nautical miles to go. In hot pursuit is ROW 4 JAMES with 1,532 nautical miles to the finish line. At an average of speed of 3.0 knots, it should take them exactly 20 days. We have a real race on our hands, both of them vying to beat the 11-year-old fours record of all times, which stands at 36 days, 59 minutes and 30 seconds and/or the race record of 37 days and 9 hours (exactly)!  Note: While the boats are at sea, they are constantly monitored by the Race’s two duty officers — Ian Couch and Lee Fudge. They check in with the boats on satellite phone every day, and otherwise manage all the ongoing aspects of the Race.

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