Happy 2017

1/2/2017 — From the TWAC duty officer: 2017 is upon us, and our intrepid fleet of rowers is making terrific progress across the Atlantic! As of Monday 2nd of January at 12:00 noon, the leading boat (Carlisle Crew’s American Spirit) was 1,221 nautical miles from Antigua rowing at 2.9 knots, having put 63 nautical miles behind them in the last 24 hours.

While sea and wind conditions can greatly affect progress, the fastest boats do an average speed of about 3.0 knots (or 70 nautical miles within a 24-hour period). Hence, with a calculator we can quickly determine that the winner is likely to hit Antigua sometime during the 19th of January. BUT, it is of course too early to make any solid predictions about that!

Wind and sea conditions in the mid-Atlantic look reasonably stable in the coming days. The trade winds will be blowing from the West all week, at various strengths between 5 knots (light breeze) and 20 knots (strong breeze) and waves will be varying between 2 and 5 meters (6.5 and 16.5 feet) in height. The leading and most southerly boats will have more ‘breezy’ conditions than those in the back of the fleet.

All of the teams have also been very busy over the New Year’s Eve weekend updating their families, friends and supporters of their adventures.

From Latitude 35 — the Crew of Carlisle’s American Spirit:

The leading team on the ocean sent this message on December 31th: “Happy New Year to all friends, family, sponsors and competitors! We have 1300 NM to go and cannot wait to see beautiful Antigua on the horizon! With all the power issues and ocean not cooperating, we are in high spirits and truly are enjoying each other’s company on board. Happy New Year!!”

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